LeBron James BEST Highlights & Moments from ALL 9 NBA Finals | 2007, 2011-2018


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  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights   4 weeks back

    TOP 100 MOMENTS OF THE 2018-19 NBA SEASON!!! 🔥🔥🔥
    WATCH → https://youtu.be/ffopsYJ1A6s

    • Clay Slade
      Clay Slade  3 days back

      Resend this. The best is yet to come.

      • dashawn kimbrough
        dashawn kimbrough  4 days back

        Lebron was frying KD and Kawhi in 2012 and 2013 but nobody ever talks about that 😂and I don’t wanna hear they were babies because LeBron was a “baby” in 2007 but people still hold that against him

        • Tisha Steen
          Tisha Steen  7 days back

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          • Tisha Steen
            Tisha Steen  7 days back

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            • Brian Andre
              Brian Andre  1 weeks back

              LeBron James is not that good he is not even in the top 10 players of all time he lost over half of his finals

              • Ahmed Gz
                Ahmed Gz  1 weeks back

                Nothing I’ll expect less than the 2nd best of all time truly amazing

                • Dorm Life Sports
                  Dorm Life Sports  1 weeks back

                  Poor lebron. That 07 series has 2 or 3 men on him every bucket

                  • Boiii 26
                    Boiii 26  2 weeks back

                    It's pretty crazy to see how his game changed for the better throughout the video. A lot of people seem to have forgotten about him this year because he missed the playoffs but I think that's ridiculous. I'm thinking we'll get another evolution of LeBron this season with AD on the team as well as the other solid pieces they've picked up.

                    • McKay Brown
                      McKay Brown  2 weeks back

                      Man he was dealt a tough hand on his finals opponents... Jordan did not play any teams as good as GSW or SAS...

                      • James Lumocso
                        James Lumocso  2 weeks back

                        Lebron James highlights 2019

                        • Delano Johnson
                          Delano Johnson  2 weeks back

                          Labron is like a 4. No handles. A lucky shot. All he has is a few dunks. He’s strong and a power dunker. Weighing 250 and be8ng 6’8 I mean no wonder he can fly and dunk. So he’s not even good at that. Jordan highlights consist of everything from dunks to layups to steals to jumpers to rebounds etc.

                          • Dely Idwards
                            Dely Idwards  2 weeks back

                            Why does everybody think just bc LeBron got injured and missed the playoffs that he is trash now.....like what??? He still is better then everybody in the NBA rn!! STOP DISRESPECTING!!!!

                            • John Anthony Butler
                              John Anthony Butler  3 days back

                              Well, if hes so much more better than everyone, why did he not make the playoffs? Isnt lebron "by himself" a superteam?

                          • Moses El Faruq Bey
                            Moses El Faruq Bey  2 weeks back

                            Lebron could have a rebirth of his career and play like magic Johnson and post up more. He could add another 5 years honestly because he's the healthiest player ever. Now I believe that's partly because of perfomance enhancing drugs but it is what it is

                            • Moses El Faruq Bey
                              Moses El Faruq Bey  2 weeks back

                              And to people who complain about comparisons, that's what sports is all about. Ok hes great but hes not playing alone on the court. It's a competition

                              • Moses El Faruq Bey
                                Moses El Faruq Bey  2 weeks back

                                I do wish Kobe had lebron's health because 2016 lebron was 31 and he still had so much of his explosiveness but 2010 Kobe was 31 and he was a shell of himself as far as athleticism. Shows how skilled Kobe is tho

                                • Moses El Faruq Bey
                                  Moses El Faruq Bey  2 weeks back

                                  Also I hate that people always say 2016 lebron was the underdog. The warriors went all out like idiots and they got tired. The 96 bulls did too and almost regretted that. 2016 was big 3 vs big 3 and Kevin love was better than Draymond.

                                  • Moses El Faruq Bey
                                    Moses El Faruq Bey  2 weeks back

                                    For how good he is he should have more championships for sure. I cant put him above Kobe or Jordan or magic. If he had those guys mentality or if he kept that mindset from 2012 game 6 vs the celtics it wouldn't even be close, he would be the goat but he failed really bad too many times. 07 he could have won one damn game. He proved he could do it against Detroit so the stage got too big for him. AI beat the best playoff team ever at least once. 2011 not even his biggest fans will excuse that. 2012 was a lockout season but other than that that year was his most dominant championship. 2013 should have been easier but I'll give it to him. Allen didnt bail him out because every team needs big shots from role players. 2014 lost by a record margin, inexcusable and that year kinda marginalizes 2013 because in a head to head I give the win to whoever won it last. Like 2010 Lakers avenged 2008 because Bynum was injured. 2015 he went beast mode but iggy did do a good job on him. Look at the % when guarded by iggy and game 4 was his to win but he didn't. 2016 was great and probably his greatest achievement and amazing. 2017 and 2018 he was outmanned but he started the damn super teams when he ran to the heat. The guys I mentioned didnt do that. He should have made guys come to him. Imo assists aren't the only way to make players better. I think lebron does too much to have a great team system. He's going to do great this year because he'll focus more on facilitating ad and cousins and kuzma. Kobe made his teammates better in a different way by leading by example. He gave them the ultimate confidence. Like vujacic making the last 2 free throws in 2010 or gasol becoming tougher even tho he looks like a pansy or artest making that big 3 or Odom being comfortable in his own skin. When Odom left that was it for him. Kobe's supporting cast from 05 to 07 was a joke. Worse than any lebron has had. Kobe had Chris mihm Kwame brown Brian grant Brian cook smush parker deaven George Moore Evan's. Kobe never lost the chip at home. And the case for magic is I think he was the greatest teammate ever not even close.

                                    • Vinny Sweet
                                      Vinny Sweet  2 weeks back

                                      HERE BEFORE LEBRONS 3X PEAT 🏆🏆🏆

                                      • the Yangsta
                                        the Yangsta  2 weeks back

                                        I can watch LeBron James highlights all day if im gonna be honest.

                                        • PUPPΣT
                                          PUPPΣT  2 weeks back

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                                          • Bryce Lovett
                                            Bryce Lovett  2 weeks back

                                            It's amazing how much LeBron has grown as a player in these Finals. After the 2011 disaster, he became more clutch and developed the all around game we see now.
                                            #respectgreatness 👑🏆

                                            • William Demas
                                              William Demas  2 weeks back

                                              Overrated as FUCK!!!

                                              • My NaMeS jEfF
                                                My NaMeS jEfF  2 weeks back

                                                No one ever says anything about back when jordan played it was much easier for him to score because of illegal defense. Now that teams can play zone defenses they can shut down a player from driving. They can crowd the lane. This is why theres more 3s now. I think labron is a much better player his game is much more rounded. If jordan was playing rite now he would get stopped a lot more by collapsing defenses he would still be great but not as good not being able to isolate and drive it was to easy to clear a side for him back then. These are facts no one will talk about today.

                                                • Mr Flooper
                                                  Mr Flooper  2 weeks back

                                                  Damn I wish Lebron was still a sniper because damn he could shoot

                                                  • BLACK GOD B LEAVE N ME
                                                    BLACK GOD B LEAVE N ME  2 weeks back

                                                    THE KING IS THE GOAT

                                                    • Bruno BRF3
                                                      Bruno BRF3  3 weeks back

                                                      Very good Miami Heats!!!!!⛹🏾‍♂️👍🏽👍🏻🏀

                                                      • john doe
                                                        john doe  3 weeks back

                                                        Ray allen saved game 6 but king james put em away in game 7. Did you see that desperation shot by tony parker skip wow they had no closer that can over come lebron.

                                                        • Codename Crescent Centaur

                                                          and people dare say MJ is better than Lebron!? Blasphemy! MJ faced no true competitions in the finals unlike Lebron did. It takes a team to win a chip. Let's keep that in mind now and not get carried away, mj sorryass fanboys.

                                                          • JORDAN THE GOAT NOT LE3-6
                                                            JORDAN THE GOAT NOT LE3-6  4 days back

                                                            1990-91 58 win Lakers with magic Johnson who finished second in MVP voting
                                                            1991-92 57 win blazers with drexler, porter and good supporting pieces
                                                            1992-93 60 win suns
                                                            1995-96 64 win Sonics
                                                            1996-97 64 win jazz
                                                            1997-98 62 win jazz

                                                            Compare that to lebrons finals opponents.
                                                            2006-07 58 win spurs
                                                            2010-11 57 win mavs (with one allstar lol)
                                                            2011-12 60 win thunder with young talent.
                                                            2012-13 58 win spurs
                                                            2013-14 62 win spurs
                                                            2014-15 67 win warriors
                                                            2015-16 73 win wareiors (injured, suspended warriors)
                                                            2016-17 67 win warriors
                                                            2018-18 58 win warriors

                                                            Since MJ didnt go to the finals 9 times, we are going to look at the first 6 times they were both in the finals and compare.

                                                            60+ win teams MJ faced against- 4
                                                            60+ win teams lebron faced against-3

                                                            60+ win teams MJ beat- 4 (4-0)
                                                            60+ win teams lebron beat- 1 (1-2)
                                                            Allstars played with in first six finals
                                                            MJ-1 (Scottie Pippen, Rodman was not an allstar from 96-98 and hadn't been one since 1991)
                                                            Lebron-2 (wade, Bosh, two players in their prime)

                                                            The competition in the finals was equal, Jordan just overcame the competition 3 times more than lebron.

                                                        • chuchuchuchia
                                                          chuchuchuchia  3 weeks back

                                                          Lebron needs to stop rocking with scrub coaches, Coach Spo the only good one he ever had

                                                          • chuchuchuchia
                                                            chuchuchuchia  3 weeks back

                                                            How 2012 Thunder make finals there had to be better team

                                                            • marcus slaughter
                                                              marcus slaughter  3 weeks back

                                                              His body control is crazy

                                                              • Micah Heard
                                                                Micah Heard  3 weeks back

                                                                Note how impressive the win against the Thunder really was. Durant, Harden and Westbrook... sure they were all younger but damn... I think all of them playing together now would be better than Golden State if they could develope a good chemistry.

                                                                • Micah Heard
                                                                  Micah Heard  3 weeks back

                                                                  I swear Lebron may be more experienced now than his first time around in the finals (old Cleveland days), but he just looked so more loose, fast and relaxed back then. Now he just looks so stiff, especially in his ball handling and shooting threes.

                                                                  • Anirudh Mukund
                                                                    Anirudh Mukund  3 weeks back

                                                                    LeBron and MJ always the best !!

                                                                    • Fred
                                                                      Fred  3 weeks back

                                                                      2007 was way closer than anyone now remembers.. Only ended in four because one guy can only do so much against a well oiled machine. If anyone else came out of the west, it would've been a cavs title or an amazing 6-7 game series.

                                                                      • Ethan Quintana
                                                                        Ethan Quintana  4 weeks back

                                                                        LeBron James is ok

                                                                        • Micah James
                                                                          Micah James  4 weeks back

                                                                          *every 5 seconds*

                                                                          LEBROOOONNN JAMESSSSSSS

                                                                          • alray
                                                                            alray  4 weeks back

                                                                            lflop = jumpshipper

                                                                            • loveks
                                                                              loveks  4 weeks back

                                                                              2nd GOAT

                                                                              • Lebron Lover
                                                                                Lebron Lover  4 weeks back


                                                                                • Kquan_77
                                                                                  Kquan_77  4 weeks back

                                                                                  Why the hell is the O'Brian trophy in the middle of the courts

                                                                                  • Ryan Sansaricq
                                                                                    Ryan Sansaricq  4 weeks back

                                                                                    He has the two highest game scores in finals history ('16 game 6 and '18 game 1). Bron, MJ, and Jerry West are easily the greatest finals performers of all time!

                                                                                    • Sauron
                                                                                      Sauron  4 weeks back

                                                                                      No jr dislike 😂

                                                                                      • tony tonyt
                                                                                        tony tonyt  4 weeks back

                                                                                        This 3 peat lebron about to do is about to be epic . 2020-2022.

                                                                                        • Sam Scholten
                                                                                          Sam Scholten  4 weeks back

                                                                                          MiChAeL JoRdAn

                                                                                          Lebron been surpassed jordan

                                                                                          • Donna Dunbar
                                                                                            Donna Dunbar  4 weeks back

                                                                                            Hell no! Are u on crack? Mj is way better than LEBRON💯💯💯💯💯

                                                                                        • Eye cleKid216
                                                                                          Eye cleKid216  4 weeks back

                                                                                          He was just a kid from my home town..now soon to be nba legend

                                                                                          • mark kennedy
                                                                                            mark kennedy  4 weeks back


                                                                                            • Donna Dunbar
                                                                                              Donna Dunbar  4 weeks back

                                                                                              No hes not. Bill Russell, mj, Kareem, magic and bird better than LeBron