Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Ben Simmons! (NBA)


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  • Chris Magda
    Chris Magda  1 days back

    A fraud

    • Jasmine Carter
      Jasmine Carter  2 days back

      Mom doesn't look like she having a good time/acknowledges Kendall.

      • damm will
        damm will  3 days back

        Practice practice for you young man

      • john sheppard
        john sheppard  3 days back

        Does anyone else think this is TMI ? Too much Information a.

        • john sheppard
          john sheppard  2 days back

          EverythingTop10 No bias there, right? Maybe you should look at it as constructive criticism.

        • EverythingTop10
          EverythingTop10   3 days back


      • Anthony Akers
        Anthony Akers  4 days back

        Rayful edmond his father

      • Elijah Swinton
        Elijah Swinton  4 days back

        Damien Lillard PortlandTrail Blazers facts about his life...

      • Luke S
        Luke S  5 days back

        Dona who hahah

        • Luke S
          Luke S  4 days back

          Really lol I'm referring to Mitchell as Dona . Dona who . As in Ben Simmons > Donavan Mitchell

        • EverythingTop10
          EverythingTop10   4 days back


      • froobalation
        froobalation  6 days back

        1:35 you can't sit on the ball!

      • unlimitedwealth1
        unlimitedwealth1  6 days back

        #11 he needs to go back to college to be great again

      • Ninja scroll
        Ninja scroll  2 weeks back

        And got eliminated by the Raptors.👏👏👏

      • ryan
        ryan  2 weeks back

        I like how you say he just comes back to Melbourne to play for the knox raiders haha they rep team in Melbourne but he would've made it look easy haha

      • Brennan Meijer
        Brennan Meijer  2 weeks back

        Mitchell > Simmons

      • vichu the gr8
        vichu the gr8  2 weeks back

        He broke up with Kendall.

      • Melvin Reginald
        Melvin Reginald  2 weeks back

        Very serious ? $

      • Kuzaku
        Kuzaku  3 weeks back

        Is he actually a point guard?

      • Lee Kok Yong
        Lee Kok Yong  3 weeks back

        Rubbish player, how can he play basketball if he cant even shoot, go back to the kangaroo league

      • Levi Eastman
        Levi Eastman  3 weeks back

        He is going to work out with Magic Johnson this Summer, hopefully he can teach him how to shoot. solid all around player otherwise though

      • Tox1c_ Curry yt
        Tox1c_ Curry yt  3 weeks back

        Donovan is better

      • desolationR
        desolationR  3 weeks back

        He sucks this should of Been added to the list

      • SMDKyrie 11
        SMDKyrie 11  3 weeks back

        #1 Ben Simmons was born with a rare disease called non-shooting disease where the victim is scared to shoot basketball and only driving to the basket.

      • Walter Holt
        Walter Holt  3 weeks back

        Tbh my mom got a crush on Ben Simmons

      • Ayishah Morris
        Ayishah Morris  3 weeks back

        Number one Ben Simmons 76sixers in the playoffs 2018 n0w he done it again 76sixers in the playoffs 2019 he can play


        #1 Cannot shoot a 3 pointer. Hahaha

        • Dato Jokhadze
          Dato Jokhadze  4 days back

          not just 3 pointer rofl, he almost never shoots from midrange as well

        • ryan
          ryan  2 weeks back

          Haha nah it's things we don't know about him XD hahahaha

        • EverythingTop10
          EverythingTop10   3 weeks back


      • Joseph Botardo
        Joseph Botardo  4 weeks back

        his not an all around basketball player cause he can't even shoot 3's

      • Patrice _White
        Patrice _White  4 weeks back

        No Ben is not better

      • Loony Linn
        Loony Linn  4 weeks back

        Why is he drafted in NBA if he’s no good? something’s not right

      • Sports Central
        Sports Central  4 weeks back

        Well , I know one thing. He can't shoot

      • MBF
        MBF  4 weeks back

        Well what I do know is he has NO DAMN JUMPSHOT 😡 #DIEHARDSIXERFAN

      • emcop ksmith
        emcop ksmith  4 weeks back

        Wow 25k rental house ?

      • emcop ksmith
        emcop ksmith  4 weeks back

        Not a good shooter but good footwork

      • Thomas Ritchie 13
        Thomas Ritchie 13  4 weeks back

        thanks for doing him

      • Lachie Hill
        Lachie Hill  4 weeks back

        Go the bombers

      • Bryan Licayan
        Bryan Licayan  1 months back

        Top 10 things you didn't know about JAMES HARDEN please...

        subscriber of your channel proudly from the PHILIPPINES.


      • GRAND-SLAM ADZ!!!
        GRAND-SLAM ADZ!!!  1 months back

        My dad is friends with dave Simmons not lying he actually is

      • White Chigga
        White Chigga  1 months back

        Did ya'll see Dante Exum and Karate Kid at 1:29 or is it just me?

        • Gene Scott
          Gene Scott  3 weeks back

          I was hoping for the best for Ben Simmons I am pure Philadelphia fan but Ben Simmons can'tplay in the half-court they should trade him now before the the league actually finds out

        • Gene Scott
          Gene Scott  3 weeks back

          Ben Simmons is not better than Donovan Mitchell Ben Simmons can't shoot. All these years of basketball can't shoot a jumper and not a foul shot

        • EverythingTop10
          EverythingTop10   1 months back


      • DermyAU -
        DermyAU -  1 months back

        He can’t shoot

      • Sonia Bekesan
        Sonia Bekesan  1 months back

        I just wonder why basketball most athlete feel into fake beuties,no one fall into professional or a woman with descent careers

      • Jaspa Wright
        Jaspa Wright  1 months back

        peep dante exum 1:30

      • Jackster Pang
        Jackster Pang  1 months back

        He went to boxhill senior secondary college

        • Chris Serong
          Chris Serong  4 weeks back

          That is my old neighbourhood in Melbourne Australia. The kid was a freak then but no one could have foreseen the superstar that he would become

        • EverythingTop10
          EverythingTop10   1 months back


      • Edward Hans SAWOTI
        Edward Hans SAWOTI  1 months back

        He knows these Kardashian and Jenners are everyone's that why he go to another lady. Smart Ben.

      • Peter Turner
        Peter Turner  1 months back

        400th like #milestones like or pin I dare u

      • Michael King
        Michael King  1 months back

        Weird GUY

      • Fucking Those Bitches!
        Fucking Those Bitches!  1 months back

        Patrick mahomes

        • EverythingTop10
          EverythingTop10   1 months back

          already made a video about him, check the channel

      • SunRae* **
        SunRae* **  1 months back

        # 1 pick in the draft
        Rookie of the year
        Played in the All Star Game

        • SunRae* **
          SunRae* **  4 weeks back

          +San Diego
          1. The Greek Freak couldn't shoot when he started. 2. Ben is ambidextrous, so he might have to figure out dominate side. 3. His free-throw shots were VERY bad last year. After allstar game, % went up. 4. He really wanted help from Magic Johnson to be a 6 ft 10 inch point guard. 5. He is great at many aspects of the game, perimeter shooting will just be icing on the cake. 6. He got 2 triple doubles in the playoffs w/o perimeter shot 7. I'm quite sure you are better now at a lot of things, then when you were 22 yrs old.

        • San Diego
          San Diego  4 weeks back

          +SunRae* ** there are DOZENS of players age 19 in the NBA, that shoot FAR SUPERIOR to Simmons.
          and he was raised around basketball from a young age & his father played pros & coached basketball....
          thus, Simmons has been shooting & playing hoops, for majority of his life... yet he still can't shoot at all.
          so lets hear your next excuse for Simmons pathetic shooting. 😂

        • SunRae* **
          SunRae* **  4 weeks back

          +San Diego
          22 years old

        • San Diego
          San Diego  4 weeks back

          * the WORST PERIMETER SHOOTER of all backcourt players in current NBA

        • EverythingTop10
          EverythingTop10   1 months back


      • San Diego
        San Diego  1 months back

        #1 thing EVERYONE knows about Ben Simmons:

        the dude is one of the worst perimeter shooters for a guard, in NBA history !!!

        • Barrett McFarland
          Barrett McFarland  2 weeks back

          He can shoot he just never shoots three pointers

        • San Diego
          San Diego  4 weeks back

          +Chris Serong i did not take potshots at Simmons. I STATED THE FACT THAT HE IS ONE OF WORST SHOOTERS EVER for a perimeter player. yet you keep arguing that FACT, & keep bringing up separate issues about his game. SO YES - AGAIN - for the 3rd time now..... IT IS OBVIOUS HERE, THAT YOU ARE CLUELESS !!!!
          how many times do i have to tell you, & how many times are you going to keep asking that "clueless" question ???

        • Chris Serong
          Chris Serong  4 weeks back

          San Diego Ha you still think I’m clueless. Well let’s see now... I used to go watch his old man Dave play for the Melbourne Tigers back in the 90s and I grew up where Ben went to high school. Kid was a freak then and he’s only gotten better and I will challenge anyone who wants to have a crack at the kid. You still don’t get that even though he runs the offence, he’s NOT a “perimeter player”. defenders don’t guard his perimeter shot coz until he starts to develop and trust his shot, he’s not going to waste a possession - look at his FG percentage. Plus he’s far more dangerous off the dribble. That’s why they sag off him. That’s just smart D. Ben knows his limitations and so do his teammates and they adjust their offence to fit. He is redefining the role of the PG and even if his jumpshot or his floaters never eventually develop beyond mediocre, what he’s doing for the role of PG will be his legacy. This will be my last response as I will not waste any more of my time on the likes of you

        • Chris Serong
          Chris Serong  4 weeks back

          Didn’t I just acknowledge in my last post that he will develop his jumpshot in time? Reckon I did write that so it’s pointless ramming home a point that’s been acknowledged. As a fan of Ben and the Sixers I’m sick of smartasses taking potshots at a young guy in his second year who’s got strengths and weaknesses like every other player in the league. Ben is great for this league and I love watching him play.

        • San Diego
          San Diego  4 weeks back

          +Chris Serong YES - from your posts here, i KNOW you are clueless. (or maybe just BLIND - lol)
          opponents don't even guard Simmons when he is more than 10-12 ft from the goal.
          Simmons is AFRAID to shoot wide open shots, because HE KNOWS HOW BAD HIS SHOT IS.
          anyone who can't see that GLARING DEFICIENCY in his game, AND it's harm to his team.... IS CLUELESS !!!

      • Hakuna Matata
        Hakuna Matata  1 months back

        Kardashians love to Get Fakked huh even the Mom and sisiter and other sister She a quick faak i like a quick faak

      • KVNGHD 23
        KVNGHD 23  1 months back

        Did he just say #1 PG😂😂

        • OfficialRelyseMusic
          OfficialRelyseMusic  1 months back

          ? He said he was listed as the #1 power forward out of high school..Simmons didn't even play point guard until Brett Brown (Sixers coach) decided he wanted Simmons to try out the position instead of power forward. If he was drafted by another team - he'd most likely be a power forward in the nba, not a PG.

        • EverythingTop10
          EverythingTop10   1 months back


      • Demarcus live Vinson
        Demarcus live Vinson  1 months back

        You are the best YouTube channel ever 🥳🥳😟