D'Angelo Russell Full Highlights 2018.11.30 Nets vs Grizzlies - 26 Pts, 8 Assists! | FreeDawkins


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  • SoccerLegend 777
    SoccerLegend 777  1 weeks back

    Dlo bearly gets any views on dawkins while others luke lonzo and tatum get hundred of thousands

    • HunchoScrilla
      HunchoScrilla  8 months back

      Keep that same energy when u play Lonzo!

      • Jay Blast
        Jay Blast  8 months back

        Dlo Brown! Lmao

        • quan Brooklyn kid
          quan Brooklyn kid  8 months back

          Lakers was crazy trading him but I've been knew he was good

          • 7 101
            7 101  8 months back

            Really wanted this one bad you can tell

            • NGQ Trvth
              NGQ Trvth  8 months back

              That sleeve🔥

              • Jordan Keomany
                Jordan Keomany  8 months back

                Meanwhile Lonzo puts up 10

                • Victor Luna
                  Victor Luna  7 months back

                  aca0646 thank god he didn’t I’m not trynna see 20 missed shots

                • aca0646
                  aca0646  8 months back

                  Jordan Keomany lonzo didn’t attempted 27 shots

              • jaydexe
                jaydexe  8 months back

                Even if he didn’t shoot well I’m just happy he’s being aggressive. He’s missing a lot of open shots it’s only a matter of time before they begin to fall

                • Leon Liang
                  Leon Liang  8 months back

                  Hope nets don't come out flat against Wiz tonight after the 2 OT game last night. Need dlo to play well tonight against wall.

              • Fuckity Fuck Nigga
                Fuckity Fuck Nigga  8 months back

                Hey Laker fans hope ur havin fun with Lonzo! 😂

                • Victor Luna
                  Victor Luna  7 months back

                  paul mcneish shit at least fultz has an excuse for playin so bad 😂

                • icetray
                  icetray  8 months back

                  Nick Buckets listen stupid your ain’t getting lebron with dlo there dumbasses

                • paul mcneish
                  paul mcneish  8 months back

                  @Nick Buckets fultz?

                • Sage
                  Sage  8 months back

                  10-27 from the field 5-14 from 3? zero defense and follows that up with 5 points. yeah Lonzo is good over here, as is Kuzma from the trade and Lebron from the cap space we cleared.

                • quan Brooklyn kid
                  quan Brooklyn kid  8 months back

                  @billwilll1995 W

              • Pláybòï Slàttîér
                Pláybòï Slàttîér  8 months back

                THATS MY GOAT

                • Roy Johnson
                  Roy Johnson  8 months back

                  Snitches will always be snitches tho

                  • Nets 4life
                    Nets 4life  8 months back

                    These niggas literally blew a 7 point lead in 30 seconds lmao. At this point I'm not even mad let's just tank. We don't have LeVert so there's no real closer on this team.

                    • D Moore
                      D Moore  8 months back

                      Didn’t mention it took him 27 shots to get to 26 with 8 turnovers

                      • Noah Cross
                        Noah Cross  8 months back

                        [ HvllaCozy ] really ain’t even no point trying to explain the game to box score watchers

                      • Noah Cross
                        Noah Cross  8 months back

                        Didn’t mention you didn’t even watch the game.

                      • Leon Liang
                        Leon Liang  8 months back

                        Lol he took 16 shots in regulation had 18 and 8? And the game was in the bag but poor nets defense and last inbound play blew the game. Dlo took remaining shots in 2 OTs. Other ppl weren't making anything happen. Dlo had some shots that rimmed out.

                      • Brandon Vo
                        Brandon Vo  8 months back

                        D Moore lmao like lonzo can even score 15

                      • I'm Gone
                        I'm Gone  8 months back

                        LAR Rodriglu your pg just got on house of highlights didn't he

                    • The Wise One
                      The Wise One  8 months back

                      I still didn't lose sleep that he is gone from the lakers

                      • Iceberg Slim
                        Iceberg Slim  8 months back

                        You should be cuz now dealing with the bust of the century.

                    • wweecwwcwaewtnanba1928
                      wweecwwcwaewtnanba1928  8 months back

                      Dlo is the best player in Brooklyn

                      • Denzzy
                        Denzzy  8 months back

                        wweecwwcwtnanba1928 in the NBA*

                    • WaVy O
                      WaVy O  8 months back

                      What if d load was still in LA

                      • Rayyan Yousaf
                        Rayyan Yousaf  8 months back

                        Sage and lonzo is a good player but is he really a 2 overall pick

                        No he not

                      • Sage
                        Sage  8 months back

                        10-27 from the field and 5-14 from 3 lol and he just dropped 8 tonight. Looks like the same guy to me. We are good in LA. Got cap space to sign better players from that trade.

                      • quan Brooklyn kid
                        quan Brooklyn kid  8 months back

                        @jaydexe W

                      • quan Brooklyn kid
                        quan Brooklyn kid  8 months back

                        They would make a run to the playoffs... but Magic Johnson choose Lonzo ball smh

                      • WaVy O
                        WaVy O  8 months back

                        Uchiha Sasuke LMAO 😂

                    • quevinsr
                      quevinsr  8 months back

                      after 4 years i think im ready to give up on him. hes nice but i think hes just not hungry. still a nice player that i enjoy, just not expecting him to be the all star that i thought it was but a cool george hill type of starting point guard.

                      • Owl Pharoah
                        Owl Pharoah  8 months back

                        @John Ware tbh he looked aggressive this game, one of his downpoints is that he is way too laid back and moves at the rate of a tortoise but this game (although not fast) he was actually quite explosive

                      • quevinsr
                        quevinsr  8 months back

                        @ShowTyme DA Vision chauncey averaged 15 ppg for his career theyre basically on the same boat lol. dlo nice but i had too high of expectations

                      • John Ware
                        John Ware  8 months back

                        I can see why you say that, He’s confident but not aggressive every game 26 tonight 11 tomorrow

                      • ShowTyme DA Vision
                        ShowTyme DA Vision  8 months back

                        Give up then on a 23 year old i remember when everyone gave up on Chauncey Billups too

                    • DJDC Cooper
                      DJDC Cooper  8 months back

                      He thought the ref was gonna say something 0:10 😂🤣

                      • Kito662
                        Kito662  8 months back

                        Dinwiddie should’ve shared a game winner attempt with DLo. DW blew both of them junts.

                        • Tyree E
                          Tyree E  8 months back

                          Kito662 hes ass

                        • Leon Liang
                          Leon Liang  8 months back

                          KA was all smiles when DW was starting. Obvious favouritism there. I think he should start Carroll instead so we have more size and defense in the frontcourt. Dw needs the ball in his hands to be effective. So does Dlo. One of them will be less aggressive while playing together.

                      • Celtics are better
                        Celtics are better  8 months back

                        26 points on 27 shots, 8 TO’s, and choked in 2nd OT 😂 Sounds like a Westbrick stat line

                        • quan Brooklyn kid
                          quan Brooklyn kid  8 months back


                        • See LS
                          See LS  8 months back

                          Green Runs Deep I know right, what a scrub that Westbrook guy is.

                      • Zay Cali
                        Zay Cali  8 months back