Ben Simmons is a Generational Talent - With or Without Shooting


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    WILLIAM QUINN  2 months back

    A lot of people think that Ben Simmions is overrated. Actually I think it's the exact opposite of what they think. I believe that he is underrated. Ya, I don't like that he doesn't have a mid-range jump shot yet but he is a 6-10 240 LBS. PG . A pure and highly gifted passing PG. The QB of the 76ers offense. With player's in the starting lineup like Tobias Harris, Joel Embid, Jimmy Butler and JJ Riddick and Simmons himself all scoring over 17 PPG. Embid 26.7 ppg. and Harris and Butler right around 20 ppg. and the 3 point shooting of Riddick there has to be someone on the team that scoring don't matter to him. There's only one 🏀 and everyone has to be happy or they wouldn't even want to play here. Simmons sacerfice's scoring for assist's and rebounds. That's what a winning true PG the QB of the team is really supposed to be like. He plays to win games not to rack up stats like Westbrook in OKC. It's all about playing team basketball and that's what he's about and that's how you win Championships in the NBA. That along with great individual and team defense and great coaching. The coaching part I'm not sure if BB is the right man for the job yet but if we don't make it to the finals this year with the team we have on paper then maybe a new coach would be better but we will find out that part of it very soon as we just beat the Nets 4-1 in the first round of the playoffs and will play Kawi Lendord and the Raptors in the second round. It will be a great series and probably the winner of this series will be the team to repasent the Eastern Confrenece. Let's Go SIXERS !!! 🏀⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅 🏀 By, 🎭

    • Lonnie Thompson
      Lonnie Thompson  2 months back

      Jazz forcing James harden to the right has been disastrous because gobert over helps when harden gets in the paint he needs to stay in a position where he can get back to his man if harden dishes it off to the big. Milwaukee proved its effective. I always felt like teams should try that exact defense against Steph curry

      • Cam
        Cam  2 months back

        Your ignorant if you really think Ben Simmons can be a great and a generational talent without any form of jump shot. Its 2019 the NBA is all about shooting especially 3's and its only going to be relied upon more in the upcoming years. He's a point guard that cant shoot he will never be great without a jumper

        • Bela S
          Bela S  2 months back

          Simmons is a great player. I don’t think that he’s the ultra superstar that many media analysts foresee him becoming, but his skillset is impressive for his age. Draft/sign some great role players, find an identity, then stick with it for the next couple years. This is not the year for them but keep getting the experience. Philly has the potential to become a great defensive team. Simmons, Butler and Embiid are defensive anchors. Resigning Butler would be wise in my opinion.

          • Kai H
            Kai H  2 months back

            Big facts people always overreact to a couple of games, same thing happens to Lowry, the fit in Philadelphia isn’t great for him tho

            • Shawn Sinatra
              Shawn Sinatra  2 months back

              Great video

              • DeAndre Page
                DeAndre Page  2 months back

                Better get more playing time on the 2nd Unit.😀😀😀

                • markela rispektinho
                  markela rispektinho  2 months back

                  You are just bias LOL , you are Australian arent you?

                  • Klae Hutchy
                    Klae Hutchy  2 months back

                    markela rispektinho he’s right tho

                • KC
                  KC  2 months back

                  y'all bigging up average NBA player that can't make a simple jumper...

                  • Stefon Shelton
                    Stefon Shelton  2 months back

                    Simmons is great player but he most useful regular season. His lack of shooting will get exploited especially on 76ers cause there isn’t any pure shooters other than reddick. He is just a bad fit for this team. If he had more pure shooters around him it cover his weaknesses.

                    • Stefon Shelton
                      Stefon Shelton  2 months back

                      That’s the most retarded think I heard all week! No system is not good... ever heard of floor spacing or plays!

                    • Blight
                      Blight  2 months back

                      ​@Stefon Shelton No system is perfect. Its hard not to use Embiid down low, he just needs to get better at passing out and reducing turnovers.

                    • Stefon Shelton
                      Stefon Shelton  2 months back

                      That’s cause they don’t have good system for the player they have. They not utilizing the skills of the players on the team

                    • Blight
                      Blight  2 months back

                      @Stefon Shelton No, i pointed out that simmons does the same stuff in the playoffs as the regular season, and that losing simmons for someone who could at least shoot even a little did not work. Though it was only one game. Thing is, he is so efficient that because he only takes a few shots, it means he doesn't force the rest of the guys to lose rythem. Its a really interesting point guard game he has.

                    • Stefon Shelton
                      Stefon Shelton  2 months back

                      All you did was point out that they don’t have an actual system around them! It’s not like a passing point guard is necessary... actually teams without pass for point win more championships!

                  • Simon T
                    Simon T  2 months back

                    Good video. Simmons will be much better if Philly can get more shooters

                    • Cam
                      Cam  2 months back

                      Simmons will be much better if he learns how to shoot lmao

                  • Nathan Statler
                    Nathan Statler  2 months back

                    Honestly trading for jimmy was probably a mistake unless we resign him and he adds a spot up shot but with his slow release that probably won’t happen

                    • Jason Ngo
                      Jason Ngo  2 months back

                      @hoops house you know its ironic but I just wonder how both the 76ers and Nets would look like if they switched Simmons and D'Lo. It feels like that would be a good fit for both.

                      • alipareedanse12
                        alipareedanse12  2 months back

                        76ers need Simmons facilitating to run the offense with 3 other All-Stars and the Nets need DLo’s closing ability to be able to win close game. Honestly I think both teams would get slightly worse if they switched places.

                    • alon barulpan
                      alon barulpan  2 months back

                      even tough i do agree with most of the video he has a lot of room for improvment,he have to learn how to shoot the midrange at least and he can be a top tier defender if he just got a little bit stronger.
                      hes a great player and has a great motor but he really does need to learn how to shot asap even though he just had a good game

                      • Alamin Abadin
                        Alamin Abadin  2 months back

                        Ben Simmons plays so much better without Embiid. Especially when he’s playing point-center and given the Lebron/Giannis treatment, which is surround him with shooters

                        • Alamin Abadin
                          Alamin Abadin  2 months back

                          Alatan yeah but this is the most effective for Ben. Look at Giannis and the Bucks. When they’re surrounded by shooters their weakness of a lack of jumper is mitigated and have more room to drive and work in the paint

                        • Alatan
                          Alatan  2 months back

                          Everyone plays better when you surround them with shooters, the problem is you must surround Simmons with shooters for him to be effective. That is a big no no.

                        • Eugene Suggs
                          Eugene Suggs  2 months back

                          Alamin Abadin how old is Ben Simmons?